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Are you looking to start a non-profit organization? 

Join our three-day workshop and gain the knowledge and tools to make a difference in your community while shaving YEARS off the process!


I'm Steven, and I have over a decade of experience in philanthropy and non-profit management. 

As your instructor, I bring nearly a decade of experience in philanthropy and have obtained 22 certifications. 

My mission is to ensure the success of every non-profit, which is why I have developed this workshop to help you avoid failure in the critical first five years of your organization's existence. 

I base all of my methodology on research and data analysis, so you can trust that the strategies and tools you learn will be effective in helping your non-profit thrive.


Attention Impact-Driven Leaders!

Does this feel familiar?

You're passionate about creating a positive impact in the world.
You have a vision to make a difference but are unsure of where to begin.


You're not sure how to secure funding.
You feel like you lack the resources to to get volunteers, staff, and equipment.
You're not familiar with the legal and administrative requirements of setting up and running a non-profit organization.

Launching a non-profit can be an overwhelming process,

but it doesn't have to be.

How I can help...

Volunteers Serving Food

Filing for Your Non-Profit

Gain tax-exempt status can help increase credibility, attract more supporters and donors, and protect personal assets by separating non-profit finances from personal finances.

Web Designers

Structuring for Success

Establish a strong foundation for your non-profit with effective bylaws and experienced board members for accountability and transparency.

Yen Coins

Funding Strategies

Diversify funding, target donors and develop campaigns to increase sustainability and engagement for your non-profit.

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