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Fundraising 101


Provide training on being able to understand and apply successful fundraising tactics to raise funds effectively.

Within this workshop you will learn the basic understanding of Fundamentales of fundraising, Inform & cultivate, and solicite & stewardship. Having an understanding of these key essentials will help you steward your nonpfoit toward success. It is so very important to know the basics and starting your nonprofit on a firm foundation! God bless!

Overview of Training:

1) Fundamentals of fundraising

 In this module, you will learn the three main fundamentals of fundraising. These include (proper targeting, event planning, and managing funds).

2) Inform and cultivate 

In this module, you will learn how to build relations with those who support your cause. We will be discussing how to properly inform and cultivate high-end donors.

3) Solicit and steward

In this module, you will learn how to solicit and steward donors properly to ensure repetitive giving.

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