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Business discussion session

Importance of Community


Steven Billings

The nonprofit realm community contains two identities. It is crucial to understand the differences and know how to structure your nonprofit in a way that complements both identities.

First Identity: The first identity of a community is simply the community that you are serving through your nonprofit. Within this group, it is so important to birth continuous ideas to serve your community.  These are the group of people that are either in your city, county, or state.

Having a burning passion to help others within your community you must know the need and be able to fill it. Whether it is hunger, homelessness, or crisis pregnancy, you must formulate ideas that would best fill those needs.

Remember to do all things in love and carry your purpose in fulfilling the need with obedience in the Lord as well as seeking His will to understand the direction and/or path to take care of the need in your community.

Second Identity: The second identity of a community is simply the people that you surround yourself with that will support you and the advancement of your nonprofit. This group is in complete agreeance with what your nonprofit stands for and will do anything to help you on the way whether financially or through mentorship.

This community is vital to the success of your nonprofit, the reason being simply that "Teamwork Makes The Dream Work" God made us for relationships, and without other people, you will never accomplish what is necessary for your nonprofit to thrive.

By having a community you produce accountability, spread awareness, and receive funding. Without the community that believes in the cause, you are using your nonprofit for then you would never be able to survive financially your first month.

Knowing the two identities of the community will allow you to focus your nonprofit in the area that it is lacking and be able to fill the gap to steer your nonprofit to success. Knowing the cause that God has placed on your heart, to fulfill that cause you must know your community and surround yourself with community!

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