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Are you looking to start a non-profit organization? 

Join our three-day workshop and gain the knowledge and tools to make a difference in your community while shaving YEARS off the process!


Attention Impact-Driven Leaders!

Does this feel familiar?

You're passionate about creating a positive impact in the world.
You have a vision to make a difference but are unsure of where to begin.


You're not sure how to secure funding.
You feel like you lack the resources to to get volunteers, staff, and equipment.
You're not familiar with the legal and administrative requirements of setting up and running a non-profit organization.

Launching a non-profit can be an overwhelming process,

but it doesn't have to be.

I'm Steven, and I have over a decade of experience in philanthropy and non-profit management. 

As your instructor, I bring nearly a decade of experience in philanthropy and have obtained 22 certifications. 

My mission is to ensure the success of every non-profit, which is why I have developed this workshop to help you avoid failure in the critical first five years of your organization's existence. 

I base all of my methodology on research and data analysis, so you can trust that the strategies and tools you learn will be effective in helping your non-profit thrive.

How I can help...

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Filing for Your Non-Profit

Gain tax-exempt status can help increase credibility, attract more supporters and donors, and protect personal assets by separating non-profit finances from personal finances.

Web Designers

Structuring for Success

Establish a strong foundation for your non-profit with effective bylaws and experienced board members for accountability and transparency.

Donation Boxes

Funding Strategies

Diversify funding, target donors and develop campaigns to increase sustainability and engagement for your non-profit.


Course Outline:


Create a mission and vision

Create a clear mission and vision to inspire and align your team, attract supporters and guide decision-making.

Develop your team

Strengthen your non-profit by building a skilled and collaborative team, fostering a positive work culture, and retaining talent through professional development and recognition.

File articles and 1023-EZ

Secure legal recognition, tax-exempt status, and compliance for your non-profit, while protecting personal assets and increasing credibility with donors.


Create bylaws
Ensure ethical and effective management of your non-profit through transparent governance, resource management, and clear rules, demonstrating your commitment to accountability to donors and supporters.

Develop a digital presence
Boost your non-profit's online presence, engage donors through compelling storytelling and messaging, and enhance credibility through a professional and user-friendly website and social media presence.


Plan business interest meetings

Forge strategic partnerships and community support, increase awareness of your mission, and identify new funding and volunteer opportunities for your non-profit.

Plan one-year anniversary
Celebrate achievements, recognize donors and partners, and generate momentum for future growth and impact with supporters and team members of your non-profit.


Nonprofit Launch Lab




Learn the ins and outs of starting a charity-based nonprofit to be successful.



I'll teach you  exactly what you need to do and when to do it so you can save years off the time it takes to get things running properly.


Make an Impact

Focus on your mission and create impactful change in your community with confidence through a non-profit thats been set up for success. 


Our Clients Say

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"Launch Network for Nonprofits workshops are very in-depth, easily structured, and a wealth of knowledge."

Are you a good fit?

If you can say yes to the following statements, then we can help you

  • You want to start a 501c3 charitable organization

  • Your current 501c3 organization is struggling

  • You are ready to invest in the time into getting things started correctly

However, you’re probably
not a good fit

  • You want to start a school, church, or hospital

  • You have a thriving nonprofit organization

  • You don't have time to put in the effort to implement the strategies and tactics being taught.

Sign up now to secure your spot in our workshop!

Don't miss this opportunity to gain the knowledge and tools you need to make a meaningful impact through your non-profit organization. 

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